Dream Luxe Sleeping Mask
Dream Luxe Sleeping Mask
Dream Luxe Sleeping Mask

Dream Luxe Sleeping Mask

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This next-level overnight sensation – a custom luxury sleep mask – is packed with the innovative and proven active ingredients you’ve come to expect from BELLAME. In just one night, you’ll see the impact of high-powered Hyaluronic Acid and new spotlight ingredients that work synergistically to deliver truly amazing results.

Faster cell turnover
Hydrating, stellar lightning properties reveal radiant, youthful skin.

With so many active, super-charged ingredients, doesn’t skin get sensitized? Not at all, thanks to a concentrated chamomile extract that calms, soothes, and acts as an antioxidant. And in just two weeks, a natural moisturizing complex extracted from apples is clinically shown to boost skin hydration by 88%.

After a night in this mask, what does the morning bring? Dewiness, brightness, and hydration. In other words, all good things.


High-Powered Hyaluronic Acid, Inflacin®, Soluxomes®, Vitamin C Ester, Wine Extract, Watermelon Extract