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Youth Dry Fit Tee

Youth Dry Fit Tee

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Dry fit or Bella Canvas cotton unisex tees

 All proceeds go to Olson Family!! 

Come join the fun! Ross Olson and his family have always enjoyed a good social gathering and love their sports!!! Our Thieves Hockey family would like to show our love and support to Remy, Ross’ son who plays on a Thieves team and most importantly, Ross himself!!

Ross recently underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor. The tumor was too close to his motor cortex resulting in a loss of function of Ross's entire left side. Following surgery, the tumor was sent to Mayo for testing and unfortunately was diagnosed as Grade 4 Astrocytoma (Glioblastoma Multiforme). Ross is currently undergoing Chemo and Radiation as well as PT, OT, and Speech Therapy.

We are hosting a benefit for the Olson family on Saturday August 25th 5:00-8:00!! Please join us for food, games, and a good time.

We will have Say Cheese for food, Northern Brain Freeze for snow-cones and Brickhouse with beverages in The Black Frame Parking lot!!

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