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Become an Affiliate

Become an Affiliate

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Congratulations! We are so excited to share The Black Frame with you! More so, we are happy to have you reppin’ our items!!

As an affiliate, you agree to actively promote The Black Frame through your social media accounts and when out in the community. We require our Affiliates to post pictures on a seperate post during multiple days, promoting Black Frame items on their social media sites. We also ask that our Affiliates be active on our Black Frame Facebook Page, VIP Group and Instagram by liking and commenting on posts to help with overall engagement. The more you put into it, the more you get of it. Consistency is key!

  1. Our Black Frame Affiliates will each receive a unique discount code and a link to provide to your followers.  The code will provide 15% in savings to you personally to the website. You will also have a custom link you can share with your followers, which will be used to track your sales. This does not give the customer the discount, just helps us track as you will receive a commission of 15% for each sale. Payment happens every two weeks in the form you choose. You may choose to be paid in the form on a gift card/store credit, mailed check or PayPal payment. Options may change as a new option is presented to us. You will be considered a 1099 employee. The Black Frame is not responsible for withholding taxes. 

  1. Affiliates will receive compensation in the form of:

  1. Commision of 15% of gross sales from products purchased using your unique Affiliate discount code. (10% commission on orders where Sezzle is used by the customer for payment.)
  2. $100 Gift Card Allowance to help promote your Affiliate following (one time only (can be broken up in $10/month or however you choose) - not for personal use)

  1. If an affiliate does not comply with this agreement or does not continue in their promoting efforts, termination of the agreement will be at the discretion of The Black Frame Boutique. Black Frame has the right to terminate a contract at any given time with written notice. We are not concerned about the number of orders you get but will constantly monitor your effort. At a minimum, affiliates must post at least 3 times per week in their group/page. Making your own Black Frame group/page will help keep this seem more as a business and keep it away from your personal life.

  1. Affiliates are asked to not post/share things from other like businesses on any of their social media pages as it will create confusion to your customers and not help your overall sales.

  1. **Commission is paid with 5%  any sales items or site wide sale promotions.

  1. The purpose of being an affiliate is to promote The Black Frame Boutique in an attempt to help gain new customers/followers. We WILL NOT allow you to promote yourself on The Black Frame’s social media in an effort to get current Black Frame customers to follow you.

  1. The Black Frame has the right to change commission, affiliate personal discount, and affiliate unique customer discount percentages at any time if we feel the program is hurting more than helping financially.

  1. Customers MUST use your code at checkout in order for us to track your sales. If the customer fails to do this, commission will not be made on this sale. We will not add discounts to orders after the order has been placed.

  1. Contract will be renewed once per year. (from date signed) The Black Frame affiliates are able to cancel the contract whenever they may wish. Any leftover giftcard balances (as part of the $100 allowance) will immediately be reduced to a $0 balance. All items purchased at wholesale for The Black Frame will be mailed to The Black Frame. Refunds for items bought will not be allowed.

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Birthdate: ___________________________________________________________

Phone/Cell #: _______________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________

Shipping Address: ____________________________________________________


Affiliate Signature: ____________________________________________________

Date: _______________________


The Black Frame Representative (print): _________________________________

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The Black Frame Representative Signature: ______________________________

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